KLAr! Kaunergrat

KLAR! Climate Change Adaptation Model Regions for Austria

What is KLAR?

44 regions in Austria face the consequences of climate change as part of the KLAR! Program.

The Kaunergrat region is also involved. KLAR! is the abbreviation for Climate Change Adaptation Model Region. Climate change also affects the Alpine regions. Adaptation to the effects of climate change is necessary to ensure high quality of life in the long term.

The 6 municipalities of the model region Kaunergrat are located in the Tyrolean Inntal and in the Kaunertal, embedded in the high mountain landscape of the Ötztal Alps. The diverse cultural and natural landscape of this mountain area is brought to bear through the Kaunergrat Nature Park with its protected areas.

We have to adapt to new climatic situations and also be prepared for possible extreme events.
Our contribution in the Kaunertal
Tyrol looks at the climate!

We male the region fit for the climate!

Together we set out to face the challenges of climate change

Making the region fit for the climate is a long-term process. With the first adaptation projects, the six municipalities in the model region Kaunergrat (Fließ, Prutz, Faggen, Kauns, Kaunerberg & Kaunertal) want to get together and face the challenges of climate change.

First KLAR adaptation projects! Kaunergrat

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