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So many things to do in a Kaunertal summer

But one thing is certain: summer dreams come true in Tyrol's Kaunertal! 

Hikers, mountaineers, climbing enthusiasts, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, and nature lovers are all drawn to the Kaunertal. And for good reason! After all, your summer holiday in the nature park and glacier region is guaranteed to be active and varied. 

Want to come to Tyrol with your whole family?We look forward to welcoming all of you. Many facilities and attractions are especially family-friendly. Special offers such as the Summercard and certified family-friendly accommodation make for an unforgettable summer experience.

High up in the valley of mountaineers

Hiking, mountaineering, and climbing in the Kaunertal

There are so many options for being active in this Tyrolean nature park and glacier region. This is ensured by a total of 75 well-marked and varied hiking trails, but also numerous certified mountain guides from the region. Whether it's a laid-back walk through mountain meadows, an adventurous family hike, or a challenging ascent to a summit, you'll find a trail calling your name in the Kaunertal! 

Alternatives to hiking becoming increasingly popular include: mountaineering and especially alpine climbing. The Tyrolean Oberland is also well-known beyond the country's borders for the latter. It's not for nothing that the region has been dubbed a climbers paradise. Feel the Ötztal Alps on various climbing routes and mountain climbing tours, in the truest sense of the word! Sounds great? It is! And possible in so many ways here in the Kaunertal. 

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On two wheels through the nature park and glacier region

Don't want to walk, but instead explore the region on two wheels? Mountain bikers and motorcyclists feel comfortable in the nature park and glacier region. Lots of certified alpine roads and the most beautiful alpine passes are waiting to be experienced. In the Kaunertal, you can even make it to three countries in one go, by visiting the sister regions of the Tyrolian Oberland and Nauders!  

An absolute highlight for two-wheeled fans is the Kaunertal glacier road. For cyclists, this certainly represents one of the biggest sporting challenges in the nature park and glacier region. 


Motorcycle Highlights


along the most beautiful alpine passes

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Glacier road and park as other summer highlights

Are you ready one of the most beautiful rides in the Alps? You won't want to miss it under any circumstances during your summer holiday in Tyrol! The Kaunertal glacier road runs 26 km and offers 29 hairpin bends as you make your way up to the permanent ice. The ride itself is a real experience, capped off with a walk in the crevasse of the glacier. 

Follow the Alpine ibex trail in the Glacier Park from Imst to Pitztal and the Kaunertal. Younger visitors are always accompanied by Kauni, the mascot of the glacier park. Visit the most beautiful natural highlights in the region at no extra cost with the Glacier Park Card! From the Pitztal Glacier over the Rifflsee to the natural swimming pond in Pitz Park. 

Skiing in spring?Still possible in the Kaunertal. It makes for an extraordinary experience for the whole family! The wide slopes on the Kaunertal glacier are open until the end of May. High season is winter, of course. Find out all that your winter holiday in the nature park and glacier region promises.

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Visiting Fendels in summer

Another absolute highlight, especially for families, is Fendels in summer. Always popular in winter, the family ski area offers plenty of attractive activities in the warm seasons, too. An animal nature trail, barrier-free natural playground, wild stream trail, and a mountain cart all ensure plenty of unforgettable family moments in the great outdoors! 

A tip:take a quick look at the summer hours for the Fendels mountain railways. This way nothing will stands in the way of an action-packed excursion for all ages! 

Experiences at Fendels Summer Mountain
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Experience the Tyrolean summer at Kaunergrat Nature Park

If you really want to immerse yourself fully in the nature of Tyrol, then the Kaunergrat Nature Park is the place for you! This park stretches through the Kaunertal over the Pitztal and Fließ and has offered an incomparable nature experience since 2003. In addition, you will find the first nature park museum in Tyrol, which houses the absolutely remarkable "3,000 m VERTICAL" exhibition.

Whether it is a circular walk or a trekking path, it is not just the expansive Piller Moor that's worth a visit. Did you know that more and more hiking trails in the Kaunertal are being made barrier-free? Read more about the nature park and glacier region as the role model and precursor to accessibility! And also find out what makes the Kaunergrat Nature Park so appealing in winter. 

Nature Park Highlights
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Summercards for the Tyrolean Oberland region

One card for countless summer experiences: The Summercard is your ticket to an exciting family holiday in Tyrol! And it is by no means the only offer that opens doors to exciting activities. Find out about the Summercard GOLD as well as about the Glacier Park Card and the Kids Card. 

By the way,depending on the Summercard you choose, you will receive discounted or even free access to the mountain railways running in summer. Not to mention the variety of activities... The Summercard is free for all guests in the Tyroler Oberland region. The Summercard GOLD is available for four out of six days (€51.00) or six in seven days (€61.00). 

To the Summercards and their services
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Accommodation and more information for your summer holiday

As everyone knows, it's not just the region, but also the accommodation that's crucial to a successful holiday! At least, when it comes to a summer holiday you want to remember for years to come. So get the best offers and accommodation in FeichtenKaunsKaunerberg, and Fendels. A lot of the accommodation is even accessible

So you've decided to travel to the Kaunertal and have booked your accommodation? How are you going to get here? And what's the weather like in the nature park and glacier region? Check out the event tips and the weekly calendar for more information!

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Quellalpin Kaunertal
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The Kaunertal
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Hiking under starry night skies


Herbal trail
Knappensteig hike
Walkers’ bus - Alpine taxi
Kids’ climbing
Race Across the Alps

RATA with start and finish in Nauders. 

- 10:00
Bike Transalp

On July 4th 2021 the 23rd edition of the legendary stage race starts in Nauders.

- 09:00
Salomon 4 Trails

From 07. until 10 July 2021 the second round will take place between the Austrian towns of Imst and Nauders.

- 08:00

21. edition of the Reschenseelauf

Father & Son Days 2021

 "Big ones" and the "small ones" are together at the 3-Country Enduro Trails!


Lama Trekking
alpshuttle Labaunalm
E-bike tour ‘S’
family - guided hiking tour
Juni Bluama Zeit

from 1st - 30th June 2021 In order to give our visitors a better understanding of the meaning, sustainability and beauty of the Alpine meadows, June has become “month of the meadows” in the Tyrolean Oberland. Visitors can take part in guided hikes on the theme of meadows, or guided visits to businesses and on pastures and visit agricultural workers on their farms. The Alpine meadows are something quite special, especially in early summer when the many herbs and bright flowers are blossoming. At the end of the “month of the meadows”, the “meadow festival” takes place , where there will be information on insects and identifying plants as well as music and numerous stands with...


Actiontime 1: 05.07.2021 - 11.07.2021 Actiontime 2: 02.08.2021 - 08.08.2021

Salomon 4 Trails 2021

The popular SALOMON 4 Trails for trail runners & hikers go from 07 July - 10 July 2021 on the second section towards Lake Garda.

Lake sunset

This summer, the event series "Lake Sunset" takes place for the fourt time at the Rieder bathing lake.

Tyrolean evening

With the popular event series "Tyrolean evenings", the Tyrolean Oberland Tourism Association starts the eventful summer season.


Radurschl Hiking bus
Tuesday - E-Bike tour for beginners
Archery on the course in Pfunds/Tschingls
Culture hike