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On foot through the nature park and glacier region

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The Kaunertal

Many hiking trails lead through Tyrol

You can walk almost every corner of the Kaunertal on a total of 250 km of trails...

From leisurely walks on the valley floor to hikes to romantic mountain huts and panoramic mountain views. The region even has 3,000 metre-plus high peaks for you to ascend: The Kaunertal offers everything you could want! 

It doesn’t matter if you're coming to Tyrol for just a few hours, a day, or an entire week. With the varied theme trails, summit tours, and multi-day long-distance hiking, you’re sure to find the right route for your adventure! 

On the right path in the nature park and glacier region

Take a relaxed walk along lush meadows. Learn more about the flora and fauna of the Austrian nature park and glacier region on special themed routes. Or push yourself on a long-distance hike over several days. No matter what you imagine as the perfect hiking holiday: the Kaunertal will meet those expectations!

Hiking in Tyrol means being enchanted at every turn: come, see for yourself! Surely, this week’s hike calendar has something for you. 

Hiking trails and mountain tours for every taste in Tyrol

Not only every hike, every hiker is unique. Therefore, be sure to adjust the route to your personal skills and physical condition. Want to experience very special hiking moments in the middle of the Ötztal Alps? This is possible in the Kaunertal for example on the following three tours:

  • the panoramic hike from the Aifneralm to the Falkaunsalm
  • the family hike to the Verpeilhütte
  • the hike from the Gepatsch Reservoir to the Gepatschhaus

What are you waiting for? Learn more about these and the many otherhiking trailsthrough the nature park and glacier region! 

Mountain huts and pastures for tasty breaks during your hike in the Kaunertal

Feeling the hike in your legs already and need a break? Or do you honestly deserve a culinary reward after reaching the summit? All along the region’s hiking trails, rustic alpine huts invite you to a well-earned rest and refreshment. Tyrolean bacon and sausage, fresh alpine cheese, fine home-made pastries: your tour through the Kaunertal is sure to be a culinary delight.

As you probably know,moving and fresh air make you hungry! Tyrolen home-style cooking tastes great at these Kaunertal huts and cottages:

  • Fendler Alm
  • Bergrestaurant Sattelklause, Fendels
  • Aifneralm
  • Falkaunsalm
  • Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum
  • Verpeilhütte
  • Café Seepanorama
  • Nassereinalm
  • Gepatschhaus
  • Bergrestaurant Weißseeferner

By the way,all of these treats are served up with an extra portion of warm-hearted hospitality!

Getting around with the hiking bus and the cable cars in summer

Almtaxi Kaunertal

Of course, hiking and mountain tours are mostly done on foot. But do you still want a lift before or after? Let someone drive you! The hiking bus will take you and your loved ones easily and comfortably to the starting point of your hike or to many of the rustic alpine huts. Advance registration required! Please register at the Kaunertal Tourist Information Office by 17:30 the day before.

Bus schedule for Almtaxi Kaunertal

Depart: 8:00 & 10:00 Kaunertal Tourist Information Office
Return: 16:00 Verpeilalm
Price: €4.90 per person/journey (with Kaunertal Summercard)

Depart: 9:00 Kaunertal Tourist Information Office
Return: 15:00 Falkaunsalm
Price: €5.90 per person/journey (with Kaunertal Summercard)



Depart: 8:00 & 10:00 Kaunertal Tourist Information Office
Return: 16:00 Verpeilalm
Price: €4.90 per person/journey (with Kaunertal Summercard)



Depart: 9:00 Kaunertal Tourist Information Office
Return: 15:00 Falkaunsalm
Price: €5.90 per person/journey (with Kaunertal Summercard)


Gallruth Tunnel Family Hike

  • Price valid only for guests with Nauders/Tyrolean Oberland/Kaunertal Summercard. Price without Summercard €20.00 per person/journey!



© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Beatrix Haslwanter

Hiking with the Postbus

You can also use public transport to cover part of your hike. This bus runs between Landeck and the Kaunertal, always accompanied by the magnificent panorama on thethe Kaunertal Glacier Road.

Hiking with the postbus is possible at the following times and conditions:

Postbus schedule
AM Departures PM Departures Return from Glacier Stops
09:05  13:50 16:45 Feichten/Quellalpin
09:20 14:05 16:30 Staumauer
09:23 14:08 16:27 Hapmes
09:30 14:15 16:18 Gepatschhaus
09:32 14:17 16:15 Fernergries
09:40 14:25 16:10 Ochsenalm
09:43 14:28 16:07 Krummgampen
09:44 14:29 16:05 Weißsee
09:50 14:35 16:00 Weißseeferner/Gletscher

You can also reach some of the loveliest hikes in the Kaunertal with the mountain liftsthat run in summer. Be sure to check out theSummercard GOLD! With this you pay less for the mountain lifts and various facilities or even nothing! A great offer for those who want to go take their hiking holiday in the Tyrolean nature park and glacier region to the next level. 

© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Archiv Martin Frey
Your ticket for your holiday in the Kaunertal region
  • Kaunertal Summercard
  • Summercard GOLD
  • Glacier Park Card
Overview of all the discount cards for the Kaunertal

Safety in the Ötztal Alps

As with any sport, being safe is the highest priority while hiking! It's a goof thing that you can book expert guides for your hikes through the Kaunertal. More than 700 professionally trained and certifiedmountain guidesare ready to help you and your loved ones safely reach their destination on active holidays. And we look forward to bringing you closer to the uniqueness of Austrian nature. This way, your Tyrolean mountain experiences are guaranteed to be unforgettable! 

Kaunertal Mountain Rescue, meanwhile, is on hand to help those travelling without professional support or in an emergency. You can reach them by dialling 140 or using the Bergrettung Tirol Notfall app. Simply download for free, enter your name, telephone number, and email address and, in case of an emergency, press the digital emergency button. For an international emergency, dial 112. 

Good to know:for just €28.00, you can support Kaunertal Mountain Rescue and insure your entire family against mountain accidents.Join today! 
Also take a look at the service checklists for mountain hiking,distance hiking, andfamily hiking.

Insights into hiking in the Kaunertal

Explore Kaunertal hiking trails interactively! The 2}Sommerpanoramaguide also gives a good overview over the hiking routes, summits, municipalities, and dining establishments in the Kaunertal. To get even more detail, check out the realistic interactive mapfor the nature park and glacier region. Try it now and get a head start on your hike!

Prefer something to hold in your hands?Various maps are available in the tourism offices inFeichtenandFendelsand at theKaunergrat Nature Park Museum. These not only contain all the important facts and figures on the hiking trails and bike rides, but also detailed directions. The Fendels office also offers you a personal hiking passport for €2 that you get stamped with each completed hike. Perhaps soon, you may even earn a bronze, silver, or gold Wandernadel award!

Of course, thethe Kaunertal is also a popular holiday destination in winterand not just because of the Kaunertal Glacier. Read more aboutwinter hiking and Snowshoeingin the nature park and glacier region!

Check out the Kaunertal hiking map

Accommodations for an unforgettable hiking holiday in Austria

Eating well and sweet dreams after a long day of walking... Sounds great? It is! The accommodation in Tyrol's Kaunertalnot only offers outstanding comfort and service; many are also ideal starting points for various hiking trails and mountain tours. Find out now which accommodation best suits your hiking plans and book your favourite today! 

Bath, sauna, leisure
Quellalpin Kaunertal
Immersion Now
Bergweihnacht & Adventmarkt im Kaunertal

Wenn der Winter Einzug hält und Land & Leute verzaubert, dann verwandelt sich das Kaunertal in ein Winterwundertal.Wenn der Winter Einzug hält und Land & Leute verzaubert, dann verwandelt sich das Kaunertal in ein Winterwundertal.

- 16:00
Weihnachtskonzert mit den Pfunds Kerlen

Adventmarkt beim Naturparkhaus Kaunergrat

Die Winterlandschaft rund um das Naturparkhaus Kaunergrat verzaubert mit einer einmaligen Stimmung Land und Leute. Geradezu perfekt sich auf die besinnlichste zeit des Jahres einzustimmen...


Feeride Testival

Die Eventserie zieht das FreerideTestival am 21. und 22. März 2020 in das sonnige Tiroler Oberland. Der Freeride-Hotspot Kaunertaler Gletscher zählt zu den besten und schneesichersten Freeride-Revieren der Alpen.

Events & Veranstaltungen

Fallruns Kaunertal
Tag der offenen Tür im Flügelmuseum in Nufels
- 14:00
Nordic Winter Walking
Opening Weekend 2019/2020

Der Saisonstart in Nauders wird wieder gebührend gefeiert. Programm - Rock den Berg 2019/20. VIEL SPASS IM SCHNEE!

Samstag 14.12.2019

  • VOLXROCK ab 13.30 Uhr live auf der Lärchenalm
  • Aprés Ski Party  ab 17.00 Uhr im Billys 

Sonntag 15.12.2019

  • BURGER PARTY ab 11.00 auf der Stieralm
  • BÄÄM ab 13.30 live am Bergkastel


Das neue BERGERLEBNIS in Nauders! Moderene trifft Tradition - Jeden Dienstag auf der Stieralm

- 15:00
Nauderer Christkindlmarkt

Sonntag, 22.12.2019 

von 15:00 bis ca. 21:00 Uhr 

- 17:30

Genießen Sie im urigen Ambiente der Lärchenalm ein traditionelles Silvester Menü mit Live Musik, Feuerwerk und anschließendem Silvesterrodeln.

- 18:00

Genießen Sie ganz exklusiv & im traditionellen Ambiente einer Alm, ein mehrgängiges Silvester Menü.

Events & Veranstaltungen

Rodel- Fondueabend mit Livemusik
Partyvögel live
Rieder Schlossadvent

Der Rieder Schlossadvent beginnt heuer wieder mit 01. Dezember 2019 mit zahlreichen Highlights und adventlichem Programm.

- 19:15
Auf zum Krippa schauga

Der Krippenverein Pfunds & die Pfunds Kerle laden zur jährlichen Krippenausstellung der gebauten Krippen ein - dieses Jahr wieder großaufgezogen bei der "Pfundser Krippenstraße". Eine besinnliche Herbergssuche durch die Pfundser Krippenstraße unter dem Motto „auf zum Krippa schauga“. Große Krippenausstellung im traditionellen aber auch im orientalischen Stil, weihnachtliche Stimmung, viel musikalische Unterhaltung, Krippenspiel, Glühwein, Punsch,…

- 14:30
"A Weihnacht bei uns dahoam"

Top 10 Tipps - Für Frühlingsgefühle im Winter

- 10:00

Die altehrwürdigen Gemäuer von Altfinstermünz laden am 21. Mai 2020 zum Mittelalterfest

Events & Veranstaltungen

Buchpräsentation "Tuifl auf Rädern"
- 19:00
Weihnachtsbasar Tösens
- 15:00