Freeriding & Ski touring

The wild & quiet side of the Kaunertal

In the Kaunertal, skis are not just downhill, they also go up!

All alpine levels and varying levels of difficulty promise varied ski touring & freeriding in the nature park and glacier region. 

Learn more about the most beautiful routes and safety standards for ski tourers & freeriders in this Tyrolean mountain valley. 

Freeriding in kaunertal

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Freeriding - Freedom and a thirst for adventure on the Kaunertal Glacier

The wild side of the Kaunertal Glacier –or the excitement of bringing untracked slopes into harmony with a unique off-piste experience of nature. The Kaunertal Glacier is still something of a secret spot for freeriders. After driving up the approximately 26 km long access road into the glacier regions, you will find a ski area that is still an insider tip because of its location. The terrain is very spacious, interesting and you will always find untracked slopes to experience your freeride adventure individually.

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Freeride variants

At the Kaunertal Glacier, there are over 7 variants for freeriding in the back country.

The favorites in the area are the Nörderberg variant down to the Fernergries - from here you can hitchhike or take the ski bus (see bus timetable) back to the ski area. And of course the Langtaufers variant to South Tyrol/Italy - with this freeride run you should organize a return service to the Kaunertal, or book the glacier safari with experienced professionals. With the new Weißseejochbahn even more freeride descents open up - and they are not only reserved for professionals!

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  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Begin: Nörderjoch (Ascent approx. 1/2 hour from the mountain station of the Nörderjoch lift)
  • End: Fernergries - Bridge - bus station- note the bus timetable in advance!
  • Height difference: 1.135 m

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Begin: Einstieg bei Ochsenalmbahn Mittelstation
  • End: Fernergries - bridge- bus station - note the bus timetable in advance!
  • Height difference: 270 m


  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Begin: etry at Wiesejaggljoch
  • End: ends in the black descent to the Ochsenalmbahn middle station (here you bypass the black descent through the tunnel)
  • Height difference: 350 m

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Begin: Entry at Weißseejoch (ascent Weißseejoch ca. 1,5 h, ca. 300 altimeter)
  • End: Ochsenalmbahn Mittelstation
  • Height difference: 680 m

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Beginn: Entry at Wiesejaggljoch or Weißseejoch (ascent ca. 1,5 h, ca 300 altimeter)
  • End: Ochsenalm valley station
  • Height difference: 895 m

  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Begin: entry at Karlesjoch (mountain station Karlesjochbahn)
  • End: Melag in Langtaufers – South tyrol/Italy - Attention organize return transport in advance!
  • Height difference: 1.360 m

  • Diffiulty: difficult
  • Begin: entry at Weißseejoch (ascent ca. 1,5 h, ca. 300 altimeter)
  • End: Melagg in Langtaufers – South tyroll/Italy
  • Height difference: 1.144 m

Overview of the freeride variants on the Kaunertal Glacier

Ski tours in Kaunertal

Safety first in the nature park and glacier region

The right equipment

In addition to the right clothing, every freerider and ski tourer should have complete safety equipment that they can also use:

  • avalanche beacon
  • probe
  • shovel
  • mobile phone
  • ideally also an airbag avalanche backpack

Then nothing stands in the way of a freeride adventure in the Kaunertal.

Good to know: In free avalanche awareness courses you will learn important practical tips and the professional handling of avalanche equipment. The creation of snow cover, the right choice of route and avalanche awareness are also part of the multi-day Snow and Avalanche Awareness Camp.

Emergency App & Avalanche App

If you want to increase your security, you can download the Tyrolean mountain rescue emergency app directly to your mobile phone. A check of the current avalanche situation goes without saying.

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Kaunertal ski touring paradise

The Kaunertal, nestled in the Tyrolean Alps, offers ski tourers an impressive backdrop. From beginner tours to challenging routes, everyone will find their ideal terrain here. The untouched nature, clear mountain air and majestic peaks create a unique experience. After the tours, the Quellalpin Kaunertal with its indoor pool, sauna and restaurant invites you to relax and unwind. The Kaunertal is a paradise for ski tour enthusiasts who want to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered mountain landscape to the full.

The Kaunertal is a high alpine valley with changing weather and snow conditions. For this reason, it is unfortunately not possible to provide a ski tour map with routes. Please ask the experienced Kaunertal mountain guides for more information.


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