The Kaunertal for families and children

What will make your family holiday in Tyrol unforgettable

The nature park and glacier region for young and old

Tyrol's Kaunertal makes families happy in every season! In summer, the Kaunertal glacier road attracts with special hiking trails and a walkable crevasse. In addition, the village of Fendels is a fine place to spend a summer holiday. 

And in the winter? Not only the Kaunertal Glacier and Fendels skiing areas, but also various natural toboggan runs and snowshoe hiking routes are thrilling options. The Kaunergrat Nature Park is worth a visit throughout the year. 

Summer holidays with the whole family in the Kaunertal

Enjoy summer with your loved ones to the fullest in the mountains of Tyrol! Special climbing courses and adventure trails will keep the kids excited. Have your kids always wanted to scramble up a mountain? The Kaunertal offers the perfect setting and local mountain guides provide the necessary skills.

Watch your little ones become big explorers at Kaunergrat Nature Park! Children learn more about the mountains and the plants and animals in the nature park and glacier region on special adventure trails. Unravel the secrets of the Piller Moor, learn how to make a fire, and end an eventful day exploring at Stockbrot. Sounds fantastic? It is!

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Special family moments on the Kaunertal Glacier

The Kaunertal glacier road and glacier park are the highlights of the region and make any family holiday all the more exciting! You can even use our detective game to make travel to the valley a fun and exciting family adventure. And once you arrive at the glacier car park and get to walk through a real crevasse, your offspring will be thrilled!

Little hint: the Glacier Parkcard and the Summercard GOLD are your tickets to Tyrol's unique natural paradise! With these cards, you not only can visit the glacier road and the glacier park, but also many other destinations in the region at reduced prices or even completely free of charge!

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Summer highlights of the nature park and glacier region

You'll experience

family adventures in every corner of the Kaunertal, that's for certain! What you do on your summer holiday, though, is entirely up to you and your creativity. The variety of activities and attractions in the nature park and glacier region leaves plenty of scope for individual design. Make your summer holiday a dream that your family will remember fondly for years to come!

Look forward to these and other family highlights in summer:

  • Kids climbing the Holderli Seppl via ferrata
  • Mining trail with viewing platform
  • Adventure hike through the Gallruth tunnel
  • Walk-in crevasse with free guided tour
  • Fendels with varied family programme
  • Modern Locandy multimedia, themed explorer trails
  • Summercard with plenty of discounts
  • Programme for parents & kids

A quick look not enough? Read more about the many special summer experiences for familiesOne thing is for sure: summer in the Kaunertal will be anything but boring! 

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© Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen-Daniel Zangerl

Erlebnisrunde Kaunertal

Verpeilschlucht - Adlerblick - Kappensteig

Wilde Schluchten, tosende Wasserfälle, dem Königreich der Dreitausender ganz nah. Erlebe eine Reise in die Vergangenheit und in das Innere des Berges. Die Erlebnisrunde Kaunertal ist eine vielseitige Familienwanderung für Jung und Alt und bietet ein Naturschauspiel von eindrucksvoller Vielfalt und besonderen Momenten am Fuße des Kaunergrates.

Entlang der Verpeilschlucht folgt man über Treppen, schmalen Steigen und einer Hängebrücke dem Lauf des Wassers. Immer wieder ergeben sich neue Perspektiven auf die Kaskaden und Wasserfälle des Verpeilbaches. Auf einer spektakulären Hängebrücke wird die Schlucht gequert.

Hoch über Feichten auf der über 100m hohen Felswand „Seitwand“ thront die Aussichtsplattform Adlerblick. Hier kommt man den mächtigen Gipfeln der Kaunertaler Bergwelt ganz nahe und kann das Tal aus der Vogelperspektive betrachten. Ein kleiner Steig verbindet den Adlerblick mit der Aussichtsplattform Bergwerksblick. Die Plattform überragt einen Steilhang, wo vor Jahrhunderten die Kaunertaler Knappen Bergbau betrieben haben.

Hier beginnt die Reise in die Vergangenheit und ins Innere des Berges. Dabei führt der Knappensteig durch die Geschichte und Tradition des Kaunertaler Bergbaus. Bei der Knappenhütte kann man selbst nach Erz suchen und mit den Holz-Knappen die Jause Teilen. Zwei begehbare Knappenlöcher aus dem 16. und 17. Jahrhundert findet man entlang des weiteren Wegverlaufes. 

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© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Verpeilschlucht-Teammedia-Michael Obex

Experience winter in the Kaunertal with your children

It's not for nothing that the nature park and glacier region is also known as a winter wonderland. In the Kaunertal, you can feel the Tyrolean winter magic like nowhere else. This inspires visitors of all ages, including you and your family. Get the most out of your family holiday this winter! And it's not just the two special ski areas that create the ideal conditions for this.

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Family destination for skiers and ice climbers in Tyrol

Does your family love skiing? In the Kaunertal, you get a ticket to two unique winter destinations with your ski pass. Kaunertal Glacier attracts skiers with its extra wide glacier slopes. In addition, the Kaunertal Snowpark is well-known by snowboarders and freestylers far beyond the country's borders. Fendels, meanwhile, is a bit quieter, but also therefore especially family-friendly.

Did you know that ice climbing is at home in the Kaunertal? So why not take on this athletic challenge yourself and tackle some vertical ice? While ice climbing is obviously not a sport for little kids, it can still be great fun for older kids and their parents. Everything you need for family climbing: a special course and lots of courage! 

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Family holiday in Tyrol with numerous winter highlights

From cross-country skiing and curling to winter hiking and snowshoeing to sledging and ice climbing: there's always something going on in the Kaunertal in winter! It's no wonder that this winter wonderland captivates so many families. Does time off means family time for you? It's a good thing then that the nature park and glacier region has offerìngs that young and old alike love! 

These family-friendly deals make your winter holiday special:

  • Skiing fun on the wide slopes of the Kaunertal Glacier
  • The beloved, yet small Fendels family ski resort
  • Free Bambini pass for all young winter holidaymakers up to 10 years of age
  • Numerous natural toboggan runs and cross-country trails
  • Night skiing and tobogganing on certain days

Get into the mood for your family holiday in Tyrol with more information on winter adventures for families in the Kaunertal. You're sure to find plenty of highlights to look forward to for you and your loved ones!

© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Martin Lugger
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Martin Lugger

Year-round family programme at Kaunergrat Nature Park

Whether summer or winter, Kaunergrat Nature Park is perfect for families year-round! This is a great place for your little ones get to know the animals and nature of Tyrol. Sometimes playful, sometimes informative, in any case always extremely instructive: the varied nature park programme has it all! Mum and dad will also learn all sorts of interesting facts about the nature park and glacier region. 

For example, at the Kaunergrat Nature Park you can: 

  • Walk along the forest adventure trail
  • Join an organised wildlife feeding
  • Strolling through the traditional Advent market at the nature park museum
  • Read animal tracks in the snow on a guided tour. 

Want to know more about the nature park in summer or winterAlso learn more about current family offerings in this special Tyrolean holiday region! 

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The Kaunertal is a member of the Tiroler Familiennester, an organisation that promotes family-friendly adventures and accommodation in Tyrol.

No matter if you decide to stay in FendelsKaunsKaunerberg, or Feichten, all of the villages in the Kaunertal offer certified family-friendly accommodation. Check into one of these Tyrolean "family nests” for an unforgettable holiday where the focus is on you and your little "chicks". So what are you waiting for? Select the right nest for your family today!

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