Kaunergrat Nature Park in the Kaunertal

Two valleys offer limitless nature experiences in Tyrol

Nature is everywhere you look in the nature park and glacier region!

Since 2003, the Kaunergrat Nature Park has extended over the Pitztal and Kaunertal valleys and the Sonnenhang Fließ. The nature park extends from Innauen up to the Wildspitze and can be explored in the "3,000 m VERTICAL" exhibition at the Nature Park Museum. 

Learn more about the Kaunergrat, the park's namesake mountain ridge that stands between the Pitztal and the Kaunertal. You'll also learn about the many highlights that the nature park has to offer in the high alpine landscape of the Ötztal Alps. 

We are in the middle of the nature park Kaunergrat

The first nature park museum in Tyrol

Since its opening in 2007, the Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum has been the gateway to adventures in this unique Tyrolean natural landscape. It is a special place where visitors can learn what makes this region so unique. Information and service centre, interactive exhibition, restaurant, all under one roof. The Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum is truly unique! 

By the way, the architecture and the location are equally impressive! Located at the fascinating Gachenblick, the Nature Park Museum brings together the Kaunertal, the Pitztal, and the Inntal. It also offers wide views and sustainability, the two cornerstones of this important project for Tyrol.

Experience Tyrolean nature up close during its opening hours:
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Naturpark Kaunergrat-Andreas Kirschner

Development of a barrier-free nature park in the Kaunertal

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the special environment in the nature park and glacier region. For this reason, the modern, barrier-free Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum at Piller Sattel is one of many milestones to making this reason available to all.

Other related measures include:

  • building suitable trails
  • creating vantage points with easy access
  • revising information to adapt it to various target group
  • purchasing off-road wheelchairs
  • offer rental of Swiss Tracs to wheelchair users
  • working in partnership with regional businesses

The Kaunergrat Nature Park is well on its way to accessibility, as shown by the Eden Award for offering Tourism for ALL received by the park in 2013. The Gacher Blick viewing platform and the barrier-free Piller Moor speak for themselves. 

© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Naturpark Kaunergrat-Kaunertal-Daniel Zangerl

Whether circular hiking trail or tow path: making your way to the Piller Moor

Piller Moor circular trail

On this circular trail, young and old get to know the moor's special feature as a rare habitat. There are seven informative boards along the trail that explain how the moor or peat bog came to be, the vegetation that thrives here, and how peat was once extracted for use as fuel. Accompanied by a knowledgeable biologist, you can expect information and entertainment for the whole family!

To the Piller Moor interpretive trail

Barrier-free boardwalk

Since 2014, the Piller Moor bog has been accessible to wheelchair users, making it the first of its kind in Central Europe. Navigable wooden walkways take visitors 700 m into the unique moor landscape. Guests with reduced mobility can also experience this Tyrolean natural jewel on two special platforms which were rightly awarded the top prize for "Barrier-Free Travel" by the Austrian Ministry of Tourism

To the barrier-free boardwalk
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Naturpark Kaunergrat-Kaunertal-Daniel Zangerl

Further summer highlights in the Kaunergrat Nature Park

The Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum and the Piller Moor bog are just two of many attractions that will make your summer holiday in the Kaunertal unforgettable. You and your loved ones can

  • follow the interpretive glacier trail from the the Kaunertal Glacier Road
  • walk through an irrigation tunnel on the Kaunerberg Waterway
  • marvel at some ,100 species of butterflies on sunny slopes of the Kauner & Kaunerberg
  • observe the native European dark bee while collecting honey
  • soak up the beauty of the Verpeiltal on an extensive mountain tour
  • experience the rare animals and plants in the Kauns-Kaunerberg-Faggen Nature Reserve
  • visit the Kaunergrat mountain hut at 2,817 m above sea level

As you can see, summer in Tyrol's Kaunertal is guaranteed never to be boring! Also, find out what a winter holiday in the nature park and glacier region promises.

Travelling with your family in winter? Find out what makes the Kaunergrat Nature Park unique in winter and what family-friendly offers in Tyrol's Kaunertal are waiting for you!

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Musi Fest der Musikkapelle Kaunertal

3 Tage Zeltfest im Kaunertal

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Die beliebten SALOMON 4 Trails für Trailrunner & Wanderer gehen vom 10. – 13. Juni 2020 auf das zweite Teilstück Richtung Gardasee. 

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Die altehrwürdigen Gemäuer von Altfinstermünz laden am 21. Mai 2020 zum Mittelalterfest

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Tschingls 3D Bogensportturnier 2020

Das 8. Turnier des Bogensportclub Pfunds findet am 23. Mai 2020 in der Parcoursanlage Tschingls statt.

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Juni Bluama Zeit

von 01. Juni bis 30. Juni

Um unseren Gästen die Bedeutung, Nachhaltigkeit und Schönheit der Wiesen in den Alpen näher zu bringen, wird der Juni im Tiroler Oberland zum „Wiesenmonat“ erklärt. Gäste können an geführten Wanderungen zum Thema Wiesen, an Führungen in Betrieben und auf Almen teilnehmen und Landwirte auf deren Höfen besuchen. Die Wiesen in den Alpen sind etwas Besonderes, vor allem im Frühsommer, wenn die zahlreichen Kräuter und bunte Blumen blühen. Highligt des Wiesenmonats ist das Wiesenfest, bei dem es neben Musik und zahlreichen Ständen von regionalen Produzenten auch einen Infos zur Insekten - und Pflanzenbestimmung geben wird. 

- 10:00

Als besonderes Highlight des Wiesenmonats wird am Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020 am Hof Aster in Untertösens gefeiert.

Salomon 4 Trails 2020

Die beliebten SALOMON 4 Trails für Trailrunner & Wanderer gehen vom 10. – 13. Juni 2020 auf das zweite Teilstück Richtung Gardasee.

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