Your journey into the heart of alpine nature

Back to nature? Yes, please do! In the Nature Park & Glacier Region you are on the trail of nature.

Alpine simplicity, blooming flower meadows and fragrant forests. In the Tyrolean Kaunertal you can feel the magic of the mountains. Did you know that there are 80 three-thousand-meter peaks in the Kaunergrat Nature Park and that around 1,100 butterfly species can be found on the sunny slopes?

the Kaunergrat is home to the largest ibex colony in the Alps and that there are moors, untouched natural landscapes, panoramic hikes and numerous alpine pastures and stone pine forests?  Then let's set off on a journey of discovery in the Kaunertal Nature Park & Glacier Region!

Then let's set off on a journey of discovery in the Kaunertal Nature Park & Glacier Region!

Nature park Kaunergrat 

The "Kaunergrat" - the mountain range that borders the Kaunertal on the right side, as the namesake and backbone of the nature park, rises proudly between the two deeply incised valleys Pitztal and Kaunertal. It is home to untouched nature and a largely intact cultural landscape.

The title "Nature Park" is an award for a characteristic landscape area that is home to a large number of animal and plant species, but in which cultural and historical wealth and an extraordinary cultural landscape are also maintained. The Kaunertal has been a member for over 20 years and is one of the 9 founding communities of the Kaunergrat Nature Park.

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Alpine nature experiences in the nature park and glacier region

Kaunertal Glacier Panorama Road

Curve by curve to the mountain experience up to 2750m

There are 6 alpine height levels to overcome when driving along the 26 km long Kaunertal Glacier Panorama Road. From lush green flower meadows, past the Geptsch reservoir, ancient stone pine forests to the edge of the glacier ice - here you will find a unique natural landscape that is second to none - not for nothing the most beautiful dead end in the Alps! Arriving at 2,750 m above sea level, you can still take the completely barrier-free gondola up to 3,108 m with the Karlesjochbahn. Directly on the Italian state border you will experience a breathtaking mountain panorama with a view!

Hiking for nature lovers & families

Family hikes to Kaunertal power places


Family vacation in the middle of the Tyrolean nature. Hike together and recharge your batteries, explore caves, visit alpine pastures and enjoy the views. Treat yourself to relaxation and adventure at the same time with your loved ones - in the middle of nature!

Here we have put together the most exciting family hikes with nature and views for you:

Adventure round Kaunertal

Verpeilschlucht- Adlerblick - Knappensteig

Wild gorges, roaring waterfalls, the kingdom of the three-thousanders very close. Experience a journey into the past and into the interior of the mountain. The Kaunertal adventure circuit is a varied family hike for young and old and offers a natural spectacle of impressive diversity and special moments at the foot of the Kaunergrat.

Follow the course of the water along the Verpeil gorge via stairs, narrow paths and a suspension bridge. There are always new perspectives on the cascades and waterfalls of the Verpeilbach. The gorge is crossed on a spectacular suspension bridge.

The Adlerblick viewing platform is enthroned high above Feichten on the more than 100m high rock face "Seitwand". Here you can get very close to the mighty peaks of the Kaunertal mountains and get a bird's-eye view of the valley. A small path connects the Adlerblick with the Bergwerksblick viewing platform. The platform towers over a steep slope where the Kaunertal miners mined centuries ago.

This is where the journey into the past and into the heart of the mountain begins. The Knappensteig leads through the history and tradition of Kaunertal mining. At the miners' hut you can look for ore yourself and share your snack with the wood miners. Two accessible miners' holes from the 16th and 17th centuries can be found along the further course of the path.

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© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Verpeilschlucht-Teammedia-Michael Obex

Even more hiking tips


Always know where to go! With our tour planner you will find many tours and hiking trails for enthusiastic hikers, families and also for hikers. More at maps.kaunertal.com


Holiday right from the front door

E-Shuttle and Almshuttle for a vacation without a car

Would you like to go high up in the Tyrolean mountains? Then you've come to the right place in the Kaunertal, because here the holiday begins right at the holiday door. The hiking bus or alpine shuttle takes you safely and comfortably to one of the alpine pastures in the Kaunertal. The E-shuttle takes you even further up - up to 2,750 m above sea level to the Kaunertal Glacier. Enjoy the view and feel the power of the glacier ice.

Culinary delights and mountain enjoyment

7 huts and pastures

Here you will find the 7 most beautiful alpine pastures & huts for your moments of happiness on the mountain.

1.    The Fendler Alm is located - as the name suggests - above the mountain village of Fendels at an altitude of 1,970 m and is easy to reach. From the Sattelklause mountain station on the Fendels summer mountain, an easy hiking trail (also suitable for prams) leads directly to the Fendler Alm.

2.   At the foot of the Kaunergrat, the Aifneralm is idyllically situated on the edge of the forest at an altitude of 1,980 m above sea level. On the sun terrace of the Aifneralm there is a wonderful view of the mountain panorama of the Kaunertal mountains.

3.  On the Falkaunsalm you can enjoy not only a wonderful view and fabulous sunsets, but also homemade alpine cheese and fresh alpine butter. Due to the easy accessibility via a forest path, a hike to the Falkaunsalm is also possible for people with restricted mobility.

4.  The way to the Gallruthalm comes close to a little adventure. If you hike part of the way to the Gallruthalm through a 998 m long irrigation tunnel - the Gallruth tunnel - one of the first sustainable projects in the region. If you prefer to get to the Gallruthalm without a tunnel hike, you can take the more difficult hiking trail from Wiesenhof.


5.  The Verpeilhütte is located in a picturesque high valley above Feichten at 2,025 m above sea level. An ideal destination for families. A hiking bus runs twice a week to the Verpeilalm. From there, a leisurely hike of about 45 minutes starts to the Verpeilhütte. There is also overnight accommodation at the Verpeilhütte.

6.  The Nassereinalm - this original alpine pasture is located above the Gepatsch reservoir at 2,041 m above sea level. The Alm can be reached from the dam crest of the reservoir via a forest path through the forest in about 1 1/2 hours. A tip on the side: use public transport and start your day CO2 free!. With the Summercard you can use public transport. Transport for free!

7.   The Gepatschhaus at 1,925 m above sea level is the oldest Alpine Club hut in the Kaunertal. As one of the first huts of the German Alpine Club in the Alps, the Gepatschhaus is located directly on the Kaunertal Glacier Panorama Road, surrounded by pine trees and a small chapel. Overnight accommodation is available in the Gepatschhaus.

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Mountain freedom for everyone!

Barrier-free up to over 3000m

Easily and flexibly via the Kaunertal Glacier Road up to 2,750 m above sea level. Did you know that the highest bus stop in Austria is on the Kaunertal Glacier? For those who want to go even higher, the Karlesjochbahn is another barrier-free transport option at over 3,000 m. Discover the mountains in the Kaunertal!

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Long-distance prospects

From alpine meadows to glacier ice. We would be happy to share our little insider tips and oases of well-being in the Kaunertal, Kauns, Kaunerberg & Fendels region with you. Hardly any other region in Tyrol can claim to be experienced and developed over 6 alpine vegetation levels. At the numerous vantage points, artistically designed rest areas invite you to relax and enjoy the view.


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Relaxing hours & recreation
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Living in Austria's Best Tourism Village?

In 2021, the Kaunertal was the first Austrian tourism destination to be awarded the UNWTO sustainability seal "Best Tourism Villages". This makes the Tyrolean Kaunertal one of 44 model regions worldwide!

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