Security with unified contact tracing

Safe through the time of Covid-19

Welcome to our contact tracing platform for the region! Secure, digital solution for registration via myVisitPass.

Follow-up and contact management is currently mandatory by law in hospitality businesses. Furthermore, it is an indispensable tool for tracking and interrupting a chain of infection.

In order to make it easier for all guests, locals, businesses, organizers and associations, the Kaunertal Nature Park & Glacier Region, together with the surrounding regions, decided to introduce a uniform and digital solution for contact tracking - i.e. guest registration.

Uniform guest registration in the Naturpark & Glacier Region Kaunertal and Tiroler Oberland

By registering via the myVisitPass of the company feratel, we would like to create a simple and secure way to contain the coronavirus. Contact persons can be tracked and contacted directly by the authorities.
For restaurants, guest registration is obligatory according to the latest regulation. Other businesses, such as stores or mountain railroads, can carry out guest registration voluntarily.

For guests and locals

The tracking of persons who have been in contact with COVID infected persons is of great importance for the authorities to be able to contain the virus. These are persons with whom an infected person was in contact 48 hours before the onset of his symptoms or 48 hours before the test was performed.

This is a matter of the health and safety of all guests and locals, and of not pushing the health care system to its capacity limits. Let's stick together and help with the containment.

  • You do not have to worry about your data! All basic data is stored only on the smartphone, the visits are stored on the server of the solution operator. This is done in Austria and is completely DSGVO compliant.
  • The encrypted data will only be forwarded to the responsible health authority upon request, if there is a concrete reason (suspected case).
  • The company has no access to your data.
  • After 28 days, the data is automatically deleted.
  • After a one-time registration, guests can use their personal myVisitPass to enter or leave each participating establishment during their stay. There is no need to install your own app -> the guest registration is digital, secure and uncomplicated.
  • Locals and day guests can also get their myVisitPass online via or an exhibition is secured directly in the company (via Scan QR Code).
  • The guest has his data with the myVisitPass in his pocket and can hand it over with one click at each visit - anonymous and secure.
  • It is possible to check-in and check-out several persons of a family at the same time as well as to record the family members in the app.
  • Guest registration on site can be done by the guest himself, by scanning the corresponding QR codes for each participating establishment, or by an employee of the establishment using the checkVisit WebApp. This applies to both entry and exit.
  • The "myVisitApp" system can be used in all participating regions such as Nauders, Pfunds, Spiss, Tösens, Ried, Prutz, Faggen, Fendels, Kaunertal, Kauns, Kaunerberg, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Different options for registration:

  • On your smartphone, open the following link in your browser:
  • Scan the QR code of the participating company with your smartphone.
  • If you do not have a smartphone or QR code, the host or staff can record your data.
  • If you are travelling with persons/family members of the same household, you can enter a total number of persons. In addition, there is the possibility to store several passports on one smartphone.

How can I check out?

  • You open the app again and click "Leave place now" - this means you have left the place.
  • The company can check you out very easily.
  1. Open the website on your smartphone
  2. The website (APP) is best placed as a favorite / bookmark on the home screen or desktop of the smartphone and save it (see the next tab for details on how to do this).
  3. The website and bookmarks are stored on the smartphone and can be accessed quickly and easily at any time
  4. When you enter a company, you scan a QR code with the "myVisitPass" app, which is either visibly placed at the table or in the room, and thus check in.
  5. When you leave a company, you should "check out". This can be done either by scanning again or directly via the app - this is helpful, but not a MUST!

Apple (Safari)

  1. Press the share button (small square with the arrow pointing upwards).
  2. Scroll down the menu.
  3. Select the option To home screen (small square with the plus sign).
  4. Select a suitable title.
  5. The icon for the web page is automatically placed in a free space on the home screen.


Android (Chrome)

  1. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the option Add to home screen.
  3. Tap on Add.
  4. The icon for the web page is automatically placed in a free space on the home screen.


Samsung (Samsung Internet)

  1. Tap on the three lines in the lower right corner.
  2. Select the Add page.
  3. Select home screen.
  4. Tap on Add.
  5. The icon for the web page is automatically placed in a free space on the home screen.

Either you use the other solution where you might have to enter the data again and again or you fill out a form manually. You could also kindly point out to the staff or the owner that the regionally uniform and free "myVisitPass" solution for contact tracking is more convenient for all concerned and takes up less time for operation and guests |

They would contribute to the active dissemination of a uniform solution and thus help everyone.

Information for companies

Here you will find all information on how you as a company or association can obtain, use and apply the system which is free of charge, easy to use and absolutely compliant with data protection laws.

The contact tracing platform is made available to you by the tourism center Tiroler Oberland free of charge - not only landlords, but also any other business enterprises and associations in Nauders - Tiroler Oberland - Kaunertal can use this system "feratel myVisitPass".

How you as a business or association manage contact persons is basically up to you. With a digital solution, however, it is much easier and faster for all parties involved. If a region-wide uniform solution is then used (Nauders - Tiroler Oberland - Kaunertal, Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis), it becomes even easier for everyone - guests, locals, businesses and associations.

For those in a hurry:

In general, companies and clubs use the "feratel Webclient" for administration and the "CheckVisit" app on the smartphone/tablet. The guest uses the "myVisitPass" app on his smartphone.

  • Obtain the access data for the feratel system from the responsible tourist office
  • Log in and simply follow the step-by-step instructions, here you can then make all the settings.
  • Generate the desired QR Codes, print them out and attach them visibly during operation
  • Implement operator app "CheckVisit" on a smartphone/tablet

For companies and associations

  • The system is absolutely data protection compliant. Guests data is stored in encrypted form and is only forwarded to the relevant health authority on request. After 28 days this data is automatically deleted.
  • This solution is integrated in the electronic registration system and the tourist guests can be invited directly by e-mail after the quick check-in. 
  • No public calls - thanks to this system, the company can accurately forward its guest data to the health authority, thus eliminating public calls.
  • If the system is used by all companies, it is a great relief for guests and locals alike, and thus the registration obligation for all is simplified.
  • The smartphone app for businesses as well as guests & residents is easy to install and does not lose the basic setting data once entered. 
  • Guest registration can be done per the business, per zone and per table. 
  • A digital menu can be linked.

Structure of the system

The web portal "feratel Deskline WebClient" is used for administration and setup, which you as a landlord already know from your electronic reporting access. Any other company or association will then use this as well, but you will only see the menu items concerning the myVisitPass system.

There you can generate your own QR codes per company, per room or per table. The province of Tyrol recommends the "per table" codes. The generated QR codes are generated by the system directly as a PDF download based on the Tirol advertising/WKO template. Of course, you can also copy the QR code from this and use it in your own design.
In fact, you then print these pages and place them in the appropriate place of the company depending on the area of use.

This program also includes the "CheckVisit" app, which the company can install on its smartphone/tablet. This web app has various functions:

  • You can register guests who do not have a smartphone.
  • Register guests who have their own QR code.
  • Guests who have already left the premises but have not yet checked out.
  • Check if they have already registered the guests.
  • Get an overview of the number of checked in guests.


Call up the data transfer

Should the case arise that you need to forward your contact tracking data to the health authorities. You can do this simply by exporting from the web client system for a specific day. This data is automatically encrypted for privacy reasons and you will not be able to view your guest's data. You can then easily forward this file to the authority.

Simply log in to the feratel web client with your access data.

In the section "Data management infrastructure" you will find all the setting and administration options. Videos with detailed instructions are also available here.

Initial access WebClient - Change password and deposit e-mail
myVisitPass activation and settings for companies

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create different zones and tables, print QR codes, use the "checkVisit" app and how to download the data for the authorities.

You can download the registration form for the myVisitPass directly here and return it filled out to the respective contact person in your town.

The contact persons are of course available to answer any open questions.

After registration you will receive access to the web portal "feratel Deskline WebClient". As a landlord you may already be working with this system and the necessary functions will be activated for you. No download necessary, because the system is web-based. Therefore you can access it from different devices.

The license costs are fully covered by the Tourism Association Tiroler Oberland. Therefore there are no costs for your business. The system can be cancelled at any time.

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