Mountaineering and climbing in the Kaunertal

Climb Tyrol's mountains!

High out in the valley of mountaineers

Holidaymakers love scrambling to the summits of the Kaunertal!

Feeling like climbing a wall? Then a real paradise awaits you in Tyrol's Kaunertal! From light exercises to challenging tours, you can look forward to dream routes of varying difficulty levels.

If you want, there are professional guides for all your climbing adventures. You can spend the night in quality-tested climbing accommodation in the Kaunertal. Are you ready to discover one of Europe's most beautiful mountaineering regions? 

Mountaineering & climbing
in the Kaunertal
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Bouldering in Kaunertal


Climbing in the Kaunertal Magic Forest, but hell is not far away! 30 boulders are waiting to be discovered. In the bouldering area "Höll" you can face countless bouldering problems. True to the motto ..... devilishly good!



Climbing routes and mountain climbing tours in Tyrol's Kaunertal

Experience all that Tyrol's Kaunertal has to offer aspiring mountaineers! Very special mountain tours and climbing routes invite you to get to know the realm of the three-thousand metre Alps in a completely new way. Want to experience Tyrolean mountains up close?

The nature park and glacier region guarantees impressive mountaineering moments, beautiful views, and unforgettable natural wonders.


Different paths in the Kaunertal will take you to new heights. Mountain climbing is becoming increasingly popular. Among the dream routes through the gneiss of the impressive Kaunergrat are Wiesa-Jaggl, Plattensymphonie, Early morning in the sun, and Hidden paradise.

Beginners, families and children are especially drawn to the Holderli Seppl via ferrata in Fernergries. This was named after Kaunertal mountain guide Sepp Praxmarer. It starts by crossing ground glacier-mica gneiss. You then climb the impressive Rifflbach waterfall directly on the water and even cross the water once on a bridge. After one to one and a half hours, you will reach the destination at Schnapsloch.

  • Altitude at start: 1.940 m
  • At end: 2,080 m
  • Difference in altitude: 140 m
  • Level of difficulty: B
To the via ferrata
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Anton Renk Via ferrata

Already experienced and ready for one of the most challenging and spectacular climbing routes in Tyrol? The Anton Renk via ferrata challenges even experienced mountaineers with unending difficulty and overhanging passages. There are a few short, easier stretches that do let you catch your breath, though. But careful: there is no emergency exit! From the Sattelklause mountain station you can reach the via ferrata after a 2-hour ascent.

  • Altitude at start: 2,000 m
  • At end: 2,261 m
  • Difference in altitude: 261 m
  • Level of difficulty: D/E
To the via ferrata
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These via ferrata are also waiting to be conquered:

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„Holderli Seppl" Klettersteig | Kaunertal
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Sport climbing routes

There are a total of 174 alpine sport climbing routes in the three-country region Tyrolean Oberland, some that even cross ridges. Three particularly popular climbing areas are located in the Kaunertal:

  • Fernergrieß: 44 routes on two sectors, mainly in difficulty levels 3 to 5c, only 5 minutes from the toll road, ideal for beginners and families
  • Laimo: 30 routes on three sectors, from a short boulder tour to the 35 m wall in difficulty levels 6b to 8c, for advanced and ambitious climbers
  • Grünstein: 8 routes in difficulty levels 6 and 7, due to the southwest orientation ideal for climbing tours in spring and autumn

Get out into the nature and have fun sport climbing! By the way, the nature park and glacier region is also well-known beyond Austria for its ice climbing opportunities with professional mountain guides. Learn more about this winter alternative! 

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Sport climbing routs in the region

Klettergarten Fernergries | Kaunertal
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Klettergarten Grünstein | Grünstein
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Klettergarten Versetz | Kaunertal
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Klettergarten Gailwand | Kaunertal
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Klettergarten Laimo | Kaunertal
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Klettergarten Keilschrofen | Kaunertal
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Multi-pitch routes

High alpine in parts, the multi-pitch routes in the Tyrolean Oberland are only for real mountain enthusiasts! There are a total of 20 routes across the Ötztal Alps crossing granite and gneiss. Ready for a variety of climbing experiences? These three tours are especially popular in the Kaunertal:

  • Madatsch Towers: "A Summer Dream for Thomas" (seven pitches), "The Aunt on the Edge" (eleven pitches), and "West Side Story" (seven pitches), all with difficulty levels between 3a to 5c
  • Schweikert: "Wiesa-Jaggl" (12 pitches) with difficulty levels between 3a to 6a+, ascent from Verpeilalm in half an hour; 10 express loops and at least 50 yards of double rope required
  • Schweikert over the Gsallgratl: less demanding and newly upgraded in difficulty levels 3 and 4, but with a high alpine character

And after a day spent mountaineering or climbing? Enjoy incomparable Tyrolean mountain cuisine at one of the traditional huts and cottages!

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Multi pitch tours in the region

Madatschtürme | Kaunertal
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Verpeilspitze Nordgrat | Kaunertal
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Kleiner Dristkogel | Kaunertal
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Watze Ost-Pfeiler | Kaunertal
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Sektor Fernergries
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Schweikert | Kaunertal
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Fernergries | Kaunertal
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Pachamama Kletterroute Anton Renk
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Summer cable cars
"Gondola" up high with the summer mountain railways in the Kaunertal
  • Glacier Kaunertal
  • Sommerberg Fendels
Board here!

Out and about with Kaunertal's mountain guides

In the nature park and glacier region, the professionals are always glad to help you get out and about! Certified mountain guides will be at your side as experts in our local mountain. That's how you can be sure to reach the sporting goal of your choice. With the experience and expertise of these mountain professionals, you will soon be on top of the world on the peaks of the Kaunertal.

These professional hiking and mountain guides will show you the way:

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Overview of all climbing tours

Here you will find the topos of

  • Bouldering routes
  • crags
  • via ferratas
  • sport climbing routes
  • multi pitch routes
  • ice climbing routes
To the topos

Climbing with children in Tyrol

When on holiday, kids need action, adventure, and movement. And climbing ticks all three boxes! In the Kaunertal, children of all ages can learn the sport under the expert guidance of local mountain guides. And then they'll be as safe as mountain goats when scrambling across the mountains of Tyrol!

Want to go mountain climbing with the whole family? People of all ages, both beginners and old hands, love the family climbing route Holderli Seppl via ferrata. There is also a guided children's climb each week from June to September. What you have to consider when climbing with children? The service checklist is a good place to start!

Children`s program
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The Kaunertal as part of the "Climbers Paradise"

The nature park and glacier region is a real climbing paradise - and it's even official! It's become a member region of the virtual "Climbers Paradise" platform, which promotes climbing in Tyrol. In addition to the Kaunertal, this association also includes Nauders and the Tyrolean Oberland as well as 13 other holiday regions.

The most important facts about the "Climbers Paradise" throughout the Tyrolean Oberland:

  • 128 sport climbing routes
  • 18 multi-pitch routes
  • 13 ice climbing routes
  • 1 climbing facility
  • 5 via ferrata
  • 3 family-friendly climbing gardens

Of course, safety comes first in the "Climbers Paradise"! Adequate equipment with via ferrata set, climbing helmet, via ferrata gloves, and the right footwear are required, of course.

More about Tyrol's "Climbing Paradise"
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Certified high-quality climbing accommodation in the Kaunertal

What else do you need for the perfect climbing holiday besides professional equipment and well-planned routes? The right accommodation, of course! It's a good thing, then, that are two establishments in the Kaunertal that specialise in hosting the mountain sports crowd:

Check in your favourite and read more about the criteria to be certified as an Austrian Climbing Hotel

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