Hiking under starry night skies



Immerse yourself in the vastness of the universe in the midst of a breathtaking natural backdrop at night

The Kaunertal Glacier Road offers safe access to Gepatsch in the Kaunertal, a magical place in the midst of a glacier shaped mountain landscape at about 2,000m. 

Here, away from the cities and far away from artificial light glare, you can experience an unforgettable deep gaze into a dark night sky, the history of the universe and also time.

Accompanied by experts, you will be able to recognise stars and constellations and learn about the meaning stars have for humans, for our orientation and for the creation of stories and world views. Signs of the times in the Kaunertal, our galaxy and the universe will give you new insight into dimensions on the edge of your imagination. 

To round off the experience, the impressions can sink in at the Gepatschhaus, Austria's oldest alpine club hut.   

Nocturnal meetings at the most beautiful dead end road of the world
14.08., 21.08. and on 28 August 2019 - each from 20:15 -23:45
04.09., 11.09. and 18.09.2019 - each from 19:30 - 23:00

The maximum of 20 participants meet, depending on the date, between 20:15 (in August) and 19:30 (in September) at the tollgate in Feichten, on the Kaunertal Glacier Road, one of the most beautiful dead end roads in the world. After a welcome and introduction, the participants drive (sharing cars) to the car park at the Gepatschhaus. Without any artificial light source, the group walks for about 45 minutes on trails to a place from which you can see the night sky particularly well. The guide explains the stars and constellations and provides a lot of background information. A cosy finale takes place in the Gepatschhaus. 
Total time of the event is 3.5 hours

Price per person and tour:
20 Euro, with guest card 15 Euro. Booking at the tourist information office in Feichten is necessary, only cash payment possible.

In case of unsuitable weather, the tour will be cancelled up to 16:00 on the day of the event.

Sternenwanderung Kaunertal


Event location
Kaunertal Tourismus
Feichten 134, 6524 Kaunertal

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