Hiking tour

Wanderung über Wanderweg 9c zum Riatschhof

The chairlift leads comfortably from the valley station to the Kleiner Mutzkopf. Once at the top, you can see Piz Lad, the first member of the Sesvenna group, in the south. On the right you can see the Lower Engadine and the Samnaun mountains. Starting from the mountain station, the hiking trail leads past the Mutzkopf mountain inn to the Kreuzlers Lucke. After a further 100 metres on Trail no. 9 you will reach a hiking pole. Here Trail no. 9c branches off to the east. This leads along the former family ski run to the Riatschhof. Across meadows along the old Riatschweg No. 5a to Nauders.
Start point
Bergstation Mutzkopfsessellift
End point
Nauders Dorf

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