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Via Claudia Augusta - Prutz - Pfunds

We start at the Inn bridge in Prutz, past the information office and follow the Via Claudia cycle path through Prutz to Ried. In Ried, we change sides of the river in the district of Frauns, where the wide path turns into a narrow path. Follow the path to Tösens. In Tösens you cross the historic Roman bridge. Now the trail leads along the road to Tschupbach. Behind the Tschupbach inn, the trail leads uphill and on a path through the forest to Pfunds. 

In Pfunds follow the Kobler Weg for approx. 60m to the fork, where we change to a forest path. Along the forest nature trail. All around, miniature houses - "Mini Fundus" - have been lovingly erected by local pensioners to please the eye of every hiker. We then pass the Kneipp facility. We continue towards the Kajetansbrücke bridge, where we cross the main road and follow the signs for "Via Claudia". Before the bridge, we descend to the Inn and follow the marked forest path along the Inn to the Schalklhof farm. From there it is a good kilometre to the Altfinstermünz border fortress. The hike continues into the Finstermünzschlucht gorge. 
Highest point
Start point
End point
Festung Altfinstermünz

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