Hiking tour

Prutz - Fendels - Burgschrofen (1.614 m) - Prutz

This hike begins in Prutz - at the southern end of the village (bend in front of the supermarket M-Preis) follow the first moderately rising forest path to Fendels ("Alter Fendler Weg"). Once there, you will cross the beautiful village of Fendels and arrive at the parish church Maria Himmelfahrt. The original church or chapel dates from the 13th or 14th century. This was discovered in the area of the choir of the present parish church during the last renovation works. After a visit to the church, the walk takes you further left on an asphalt road towards Burgschrofen. In the mountain near Burgschrofen, north of Fendels, is the moated castle where the water supply to the Kaunertal power station is regulated. From Burgschrofen you follow a hiking trail downwards - the last part of the hike leads along the road - directly to Prutz.

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