Signage and rules of conduct

You should pay attention! to this!

In the Kaunertal Nature Park & Glacier Region, the official signage of the Province of Tyrol is used. Please adhere to the code of honor and the rules of conduct - especially when dealing with grazing cattle!


The Kaunertal offers numerous official mountain bike routes. These are marked and signposted with the guidance system according to the MTB model 2.0 of the province of Tyrol. Riding on all other forest trails, alpine paths and alpine climbs is prohibited according to the forestry law!

© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal

Levels of difficulty


Basically a family-friendly MTB route with a predominantly good road surface. Gradients hardly exceed 5%, on short stretches a maximum of 15%. As a rule, there are no special danger areas or these are indicated by special signs (e.g. signage).


Requires sporty cycling skills and particularly defensive riding behavior. Mountain bike equipment is recommended. Gradients and slopes between 5% and 12%, on 6. If grazing cattle block the way, with short stretches as long as possible up to a maximum of 17%. There are confusing, winding sections of the route.


Demanding MTB route with numerous dangerous moments, which exceeds the maximum gradient of the red route and whose route characteristics are even more difficult. MTB equipment is mandatory. Riding with foresight and adapting to the situation is required.

Rules of conduct

  • Always drive at a controlled speed and at half speed, especially on bends, as obstacles are to be expected at all times (e.g. stones, branches, temporarily stored wood, grazing cattle, pasture grates, barriers, tractor forestry machines, vehicles belonging to authorized persons)!
  • Be considerate of hikers and pedestrians and only overtake at walking pace!
  • Be considerate of the difficulty of the route and accurately assess your experience and ability as a biker!
  • Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment before every bike tour (brakes, bell, lights, etc.).
  • Keep to the barriers and accept that this trail is primarily for agricultural and forestry use! Close the pasture gates!
  • Show consideration for nature and wildlife, do not leave the marked route, refrain from riding off the open paths and end your bike tour before dusk. Do not leave any waste behind!
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Handling grazing cattle

  1.  Avoid contact with grazing livestock, do not feed animals, keep a safe distance!
  2.  Behave calmly, do not frighten grazing cattle!
  3.  Mother cows protect their calves, avoid encounters between mother cows and dogs!
  4.  Always keep dogs under control and on a short lead. If an attack by a grazing animal is foreseeable: Unleash immediately!
  5. Do not leave hiking trails on alpine pastures and meadows!
  6. If grazing animals block the path, keep as far away as possible!
     When approaching grazing livestock: Stay calm, do not turn your back, avoid the animals!
    Leave the grazing area quickly at the first sign of restlessness!
     Pay attention to fences! If there is a gate, use it, then open it up again and cross the pasture quickly!
     Treat the people working here, nature and the animals with respect!
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Severin Wegener-Mountainbike Kaunertal