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3 routes - Variant Mösle

The route leads from the valley station of the Mutzkopf lift via Hiking trail no. 4 to the Mösle natural pond. The moor area is a unique place to relax and a valuable biotope for plants and animals. Along the Forest trail no. 5a, continue to the “Plant Garden” and along the Hiking trail no. 5, along the Swiss border, up to Losschrofen. Behind it, the route continues to the Schwarzer See, which you circle around the lake shore. The route continues on the Nature trail no. 9b and on Trail no. 9c via Riatsch back to the starting point. Alternatively, you can follow Trail no. 9 back to the Mutzkopf mountain station and take the chairlift down into the valley.
Highest point
Start point
End point
Bergstation Mutzkopflift

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