Hiking tour

Wanderung Goaspleisenkopf über Gamor

Route no. 17 branches off on the Parditschweg, above the village, and leads over the avalanche protection dam into Valrie. A narrow path along the stream leads into Gamortal, a quiet high valley. Alternatively, you can follow Trail no. 17a via Munt. We continue past the non-serviced Gamoralm, and then a little further along the Mountain trail no. 30 towards Labaun. At a height of approx. 2,200 metres, the black Trail no. 44 branches off to the east. Along the ridge and a rocky ridge, the varied trail leads to the beautiful summit cross (attention: only for experienced, vertigo-free hikers). The feeling of having reached the summit is all the more beautiful. The way back to Nauders follows the same route. Alternatively, you can descend via Labaunalm.
tour 2
Start point
Pfarrkirche Nauders
End point

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