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Through Gamortal to the Schartlkopf 2.810 m

The Schartlkopf is the highest peak in the Nauders mountains, the last foothills of the Ötztal Alps between the Glockturmkamm and the Reschenpass. Route no. 17 branches off on the Parditschweg, above the village, and leads over the avalanche protection dam into Valrie. A narrow path along the stream leads into Gamortal, a quiet high valley. Alternatively, you can follow Trail no. 17a via Munt. We continue past Gamoralm (1,943 m) and then onto the mountain trail. A climb along the Gamorbach leads to the sandy pastures, past the small Gamorsee lake to the summit (2,810 m). The descent follows Trail no. 25, on which you reach another summit cross on the plain (2,555 m) after Valdafurnerkopf (2,748 m). The way back to Nauders goes via the Stableshof and through Wassertal (No. 18a).
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