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The Kaunertal region with its sights of Kaunertal, Kauns and Kaunerberg is located in the heart of Kaunergrat nature park. The “Kaunergrat” mountain range gives rise to the nature park’s name and proudly rises up between the two valleys of Pitztal and Kaunertal. The nature park is home to pristine nature and an untouched cultural landscape. The theme “Nature meets culture” lets you combine customs, culture and nature up close in Kaunertal nature park and glacier region.

The nature park

Kaunergrat nature park was founded in May 1998 by 9 municipalities surrounding "Kaunergrat", the mountain massif between Pitztal and Kaunertal. In July 2003, the State of Tyrol officially recognised the area as a nature park. The 9 member municipalities are Fließ, Faggen, Kauns, Kaunerberg, Kaunertal, Arzl i. P., Wenns, Jerzens and St. Leonhard in Pitztal.

Kaunergrat nature park is a natural “treasure trove”. 3000 m in height, three valleys and often three seasons in a day - experience all this and more in the nature park and glacier region Kaunertal. The nature park is home to people who attach special value to pristine habitats and who want to protect, conserve and discover the variety and character of the landscape.

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Naturparkhaus Kaunergrat

Naturparkhaus successfully unites architecture and nature and is a strong symbol for the realisation of a joint vision. This is where the nature park can be grasped - both literally and figuratively - and where an extensive network of well-maintained paths invites you to discover its natural variety. Whether for local specialities on the most beautiful sun terrace in Tyrol or for a walk around the multimedia exhibition “3000 m VERTICAL”: Naturparkhaus finds the most enjoyable way to combine relaxation and knowledge gain.

Restaurant "Gachenblick"offers regional cuisine with a vision. The most beautiful sun terrace in Tyrol, a breathtaking view and the best in food and drink with regional products - discover the tastes of Kaunergrat nature park!  

Naturparkhaus can also be reached by public transport - from June to September. 

Opening hours Naturparkhaus and Restaurant

Piller Moor

An historic monument - and one of the beautiful upland moor in central Europe. You can still find many such bogs around here: From the mowed low-level fens to the pristine upload moors at more than 1,500 m above sea level - discover these exciting habitats in the Alps! The bogs at Pilller Sattel came into existence towards the end of the last ice age and are mainly transition fens and transition peat bogs. Take a look at Piller Moor.

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Tyrol’s natural treasure

A joint project of all nature parks in Tyrol. Here nature sets the tone. Nature and national parks aim at protecting the many different species of flora and fauna by preserving their nature habitat. The parks combine the conservation of nature and the needs of holidaymakers in such a way that all sides benefit. Guided hikes and excursions into nature, research tours and nature observation tours give visitors unforgettable memories. The 5 Tyrolean nature parks, Hohe Tauern nature park, the tourism boards and “Tirol Werbung” are jointly developing and implementing great excursion and holiday offers to allow visitors to experience nature up close. 

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Photo points

The Tyrolean nature parks are packed full of natural beauty. They are only waiting to be discovered. Kaunergrat nature park has 3 photo points for just this reason. Every plant, every animal, even the entire landscape, deserves to be caught on camera. Visitors spoilt for choice can stop at one of the 3 marked photo points in each of the nature parks to capture superlative wild nature on film - including all those unique and typical features which you can find here and nowhere else... and which will make that perfect picture if you get just the right light and just the right angle!

► Kaunertal photo point 
► Gachenblick photo point

Discover the accessible nature park

Naturparkhaus Kaunergratat Piller Sattel is another building block in our offer for wheelchair users. Its ridge location also allows less practised persons or persons with a weaker constitution to experience the special charms of the environment. The nature park association aims at also making the area surrounding Naturparkhaus accessible to people with disabilities in the future. We have made it our aim to adapt the most important hiking routes and to purchase off-road wheelchairs (incl. Swiss Tracs). One especially exciting project in this context is the extensive upgrade of the stairs at Piller Moor.

►  Human Raetica -accessible Naturparkhaus 

KLAR! Region Kaunergrat


Since 2018, the Kaunertal with the Kaunergrat Nature Park has been one of 23 regions in Austria that are facing the consequences of climate change. Kaunertal faces the challenges of climate change at an early stage. The motto is to reduce damage and use chanches. Over the next few years, Kaunertal Tourism will be working on a number of climate change adaptation projects.



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