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The opportunities in the nature park and glacier region Kaunertal truly know no bounds. Visit palaces and castles in the Engadin, take an excursion to the state capital of Innsbruck, make a detour to Merano on market day... The very best within easy reach.

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Family attractions

Viewing platform "eagle eye & Mining View" - round trip Tschingel studs / Knapp holes

The Eagle has landed! The Kaunertal delighted with the Kingdom of three thousand, wild and quiet nature, culture and magical places. One of them is certainly the "eagle eye" viewing platform. This was built on a 100m high cliff above Feichten. In addition, the hikers embark on a journey into the past: On the one hand the newly built viewpoint "mine look" and on the other the round trip to the Knapp holes and the treatment hut. Open in the winter! Accessible via the winter hiking trail in the direction Verpeilalm, term of Feichtenschlager about 1 hour. -> Overview map

Viewing platform "Dreiländerblick"

At the mountain station of the Karlesjochbahn at the Kaunertal Glacier is the viewing platform "Dreiländerblick". At an altitude of 3,108 m has truly spectacular views of the surrounding peaks of the 3 countries, namely Austria, Italy and Switzerland. You can easily and comfortably accessible with the 8-person gondola to the top station. With one leg then you are practically on Austrian soil and with the other leg on Italian soil. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

Glacial crevasse - Kaunertal Glacier

A unique holiday experience is sometimes safe to visit the accessible crevasse on the Kaunertal glacier. Dive into the eternal ice and feel the power of the glacier. Walking through the crevasse you feel close the cold of the ice and the mystical mood in the ice tunnel has something special in it. Here you can feel and you feel the magic of the mountains and the power of the original nature. In the months of July to September there is a daily free guided tours of the glacial crevasse.

Family Adventure Fendels

For families waiting in Fendels a very special adventure! The Adventure Forest Sattelboden, The domestic animal trail and nature's playground "Bach am Moos" bring nature and man together in a fun way. Even freewheeling forest dwellers include weekly.

Kaunergrat Nature Park

The Nature Park House is a harmonious blend of architecture and nature, and a powerful symbol for the realization of a common vision. Here is the Nature Park ventilated and vulnerable, from here there is also a well-developed road network spans to discover the natural diversity. Whether local specialties on the beautiful sun terrace Tyrol or during a tour of the multimedia exhibition "3000 m vertical", the nature park offers relaxation and increased knowledge on extremely genus full type. The restaurant "Gachenblick" offers regional cuisine with a vision. Tyrol's most beautiful sun terrace, stunning views and culinary highlights with regional products - as the Nature Park Kaunergrat tastes!

The walking trails & aroung the nature park and the large playground invite you to enjoy the fresh and clear mountain air in a beautiful natural landscape.

Piller Moor

The Piller Moor is a historic natural monument - one of the most beautiful high moorlands in Central Europe. Along the trail round the formation of bogs, bog vegetation and peat extraction is described. From Moor tower you have a wonderful view of the mountain pine upland moor. Barrier-free access! The Piller Moor is located on the road in between Kaunertal and Pitztal / Piller.

Cultural Attractions

Sanctuary Kaltbrunn

The pilgrimage church Kaltenbrunn is a popular tourist destination and one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in Tyrol. It is located at the entrance of the Kaunertal valley - via the hamlet Nufels you go directly to the church parking lot. Also barrier-free. The pilgrimage church Kaltenbrunn is symbolic in a wooded area and welcomes visitors to the Kaunertal from afar. It was recently renovated and is again in perfect splendor. Kaltbrunn today has a mixture of different architectural styles, since it was changed several times over the course of the centuries. The inn Kaltenbrunn is equipped with accessible toilets.

Museum Kaunertal

The museum is located next to the Sport Hotel Weißseespitze in place and is housed in the basement of the campsite administration building. The Kaunertal Valley shows the enormous industry of the former inhabitants of the valley, her life of deprivation, their piety and godliness.

Grand piano Museum

The grand piano museum of Anton's will in Nufels is unique not only by its ground plan in the form of a grand piano. Anton Wille - organist, wood artist and farmer - has gathered over years of passion for collecting historical wing and many renovated it and made playable. In his wings house concerts and various events, his instruments can also be visited. His second passion is the production of unique works of art from finely machined wood. This shine through the effect of light and cast a spell! Anton Wille said about the stone pine: "This is how I did ?? long to grow, lives in the harshest conditions and is still very soft."

Berneck Castle & Houses

The Berneck castle perched high above the entrance to the Kaunertal and is located in the idyllic resort Kaun. Even Emperor Maximillian knew the advantages of the region to appreciate and used the castle as a hunting residence Berneck. Today the castle is privately owned and can be visited during the summer months on guided tours. In Kaun there are 3 old, beautifully painted farmhouses that once belonged to the castle Berneck - the so-called castle houses. At the paintings of the castle houses you can see the history of Emperor Maximillian. Among other things, the notorious poacher "Wiesejaggl" is displayed, the operation at the time of the Emperor havoc in the Kaunertal Valley. Today there are the 3 castle houses privately owned and inhabited by Kauner farming families.

Boundary and customs station Altfinstermünz

Altfinstermünz is located next to the Inn in the Engadin in the border triangle Austria-Schweit Italy. If you go to Nauders, impossible not to feel the magic of the "dark" Middle Ages. At the outer fort Nauders the road the past begins! The old road drops steeply and reaches Finstermünz the Inn. Here is a small chapel, the old customs house and - as stuck on the rocks - "Siegmundseck", built by Duke Sigismund the Wealthy. In the midst of the Inn is old Klaus tower with the wooden bridge, which is also accessible again for several years and thus again forms a link between Tyrol and the Engadine. Altfinstermünz is freely accessible and can be visited with guides.

Castle Naudersberg

Fortunately for the castle ghosts: Thanks to a Nauderer family initiative was the ancient seat of the court castle Naudersberg preserved and made accessible to visitors. Castle Naudersberg is already as the name suggests, Nauders. - The border town right on the Reschnepass at the gateway to Italy.


The Laudegg castle stands on a rock powerful in Ladis - high above the town Prutz at the entrance of the Kaunertal valley. During the summer months the Laudegg can be visited every Wednesday.

Castle Landeck

A witness in the district capital. Whether large or small - a visit to Castle Landeck is always worthwhile. Have a look at the new museum and exhibitions in the castle gallery.

Zams Kronburg

The castle hill on which now stands the ruin Kronburg been inhabited since prehistoric times. Below the mountain with its characteristic silhouette the Sanctuary Kronburg lies with the Gasthof Kronburg.

Other destinations

Whether natural, cultural or family attractions - the Kaunertal and the Tyrolean Oberland region offer a variety of excursions. Far beyond the borders of the known Landeshautpstadt Innsbruck and even a "stone's throw" from the Kaunertal is removed.

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