Hiking trails in the Kaunertal

Shortcuts to magnificent experiences in the Ötztal Alps

There are many different ways to hike the Kaunertal!

Want to explore the Tyrolean mountains on foot? Nowhere is this more beautiful than in the nature park and glacier region. And in countless ways: from panoramic routes to alpine high-altitude trails to hiking trails for long-distance hikes that last several days.

You'll find a network of trails here that is hard to beat for variety. So what are you waiting for? Come to this one-of-a-kind valley paradise and get hiking!

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Enjoy the panorama of the Tyrolean mountains

Wildly romantic mountain landscapes as far as the eye can see! Best experienced in the Kaunertal on one of the many panoramic and high-altitude trails. Idyllic gems and crystal-clear mountain lakes are just waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. A hike to Verborgener See is particularly appealing. Running along or just above the tree line, it is easy uphill and down, with the majestic peaks of the Glockturmkamm always in sight. 

Once you arrive at this hidden lake after the three-hour climb, you'll be rewarded with a stunning view and intense play of colours.

Explore this hidden lake virtually right now...
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Martin Lugger

The Dr Angerer High Trail as a challenge with many views

The longest and most demanding hike in the nature park and glacier region for many mountain lovers is the Dr Angerer High Trail. From the Falkaunsalm, ambitious holidaymakers can reach the finish 8.2 km away at the Verpeilalm and a difference in altitude of 718 m. You should plan around seven to eight hours for the hike. It's well worth the time.

The first section from the Falkaunsalm to the Gallruthalm is easy to handle. Only then does the difficult part begin via Gsall on your way to Verpeilalm. At least the breath-taking views over the valley and up to the Weißseespitze compensate for the physical effort! This route is only for hikers with mountain experience, although you can always descend from the individual stages to the valley. 

Explore the Dr Angerer High Trail virtually right now...
© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Daniel Zangerl

Distance hiking in the nature park and glacier region

Are you looking to make your own personal mountain pilgrimage in Tyrol? Then your search is over: the Kaunergrat circuit is perfect for long-distance hikes of varying lengths (3, 5, or 7 days), depending on your personal goal. In most cases, the routes start at the Kaunergrat Nature Park Museum. 

© TVB Pitztal-Kaunergratrunde

A quick overview of all the Kaunertal hiking routes

35 of the most beautiful hiking trails take you to the most picturesque places of this valley in Tyrol You can choose among 11 easy, 16 moderate, and 8 difficult routes. The overview provides information about the difficulty, the expected walking time, the change in altitude, and the length of each route. 

Choose from the following varied suggestions and get ready to start hiking the Kaunertal soon: 

© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Daniel Zangerl

Hiking and summit tours

Ochsenkopf (2.153 m) und Roter Schrofen (2.702 m)
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862m | 6,5h | 8,7km
Start: Bergstation Sattelklause
Ende: Bergstation Sattelklause
Gamsköpfe 2.807 m
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948m | 4,5h | 3,7km
Start: Fendels Sattele
Ende: Gamsköpfe
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357m | 8km
Start: Sattele
Ende: Fendels
Über das Wallfahrtsjöchl vom Kaunertal ins Pitztal
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1692m | 13,6km
Start: Parkplatz Wallfahrtskirche Kaltenbrunn
Ende: Eggenstall (St. Leonhard-Pitztal)
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1197m | 9,8km
Start: Vergötschen
Ende: Mittagskopf
Roter Schrofen (2.702 m)
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1308m | 5h | 10,5km
Start: Vergötschen
Ende: Roter Schrofen
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1131m | 6h | 4,3km
Start: Gepatschhaus
Ende: Ölgrubenjoch
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872m | 3h | 2km
Start: Verpeilhütte
Ende: Schweikert
Glockturm (3.353 m)
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908m | 4,9km
Start: Parkplatz Weißsee
Ende: Glockturm
Nörderberg (2.738m)
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565m | 4,5h | 6,3km
Start: Parkplatz Ochsenalm
Ende: Parkplatz Ochsenalm