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Traffic information, bus schedules & arrival information

Here you will find all important information about traffic obstructions or roadblocks for the journey to the Kaunertal nature park and glacier region.


Find out about bus connections, timetables and public transport in the holiday region Kaunertal in Tirol.

Current information

Free travel on all routes

Free ride on all roads to the Kaunertal and the Kaunertal glacier. Kaunertal glacier with winter equipment without problems passable.

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Current information hiking trails

Please be careful!

The Kaunertal is an alpine high valley and stretches over six alpine steps, so there may be snow fields along the hiking trails on some high and panoramic trails in spring. We ask for caution here!

The extensive hiking trail network is regularly maintained by our field staff. Despite careful work, however, it can happen that hiking trails are damaged due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Blocked hiking trails (5.7.2020)

Wallfahrtsweg Kaltenbrunn
Please be sure to note the road block on the pilgrimage route from Kauns to Kaltenbrunn or from Kaunerberg to Kaltenbrunn. The path will be cleared or renovated by the HTB company in the next few weeks. Under no circumstances may the path be followed in the next few weeks - there is a DANGER TO LIFE!

Section of Unterfalpetan -Oberfalpetan water trail
The section of the watertrail from Unterfalpetan to Oberfalpetan (in the Schöntalwald area) is also closed due to rockfall. Oberfalpetan can only be reached via the Wiesenhof.

Due to construction work on torrent and avalanche control, the Thomas-Penz-Höhenweg from Langetsberg to Kehm is closed all summer 2020 from Monday to Friday. The barrier affects all forest roads in this area - including the valley hiking trail from Unterhäuser (Jägerkapelle) to Vergötschen. Please note the barriers and signs.

The high-altitude hiking trail from the Nassereinalm to the Gepatschalm is still closed due to snow fields and winter damage.


© TVB Tiroler Oberland-Kaunertal-Daniel Zangerl-Gallruthalm


Here you will find an overview of all timetables in the Kaunertal Nature Park and Glacier Region.


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Information about the temporary roadblocks on secondary roads

Furhter information can be found on the website of the state of Tyrol - for journey days all important information on the temporary driving bans on selected national roads. The most important questions and answers are summarized once again in so-called FAQs.

The Fernpass is NOT affected by this roadblock and is passable at any time!


Info for driving bans on heavy holiday traffic days

Information about motorcycle restrictions in the Imst & Reutte districts

In order to counteract the noise pollution for the local population in the Imst & Reutte districts a little, the state of Tyrol recently imposed driving bans on a small part of the routes in the Imst and Reutte districts. Due to considerable noise pollution, from June 10th to October 31st 2020 driving bans for particularly loud motorbikes parking noise> 95 dB (A) will be issued on a small part of the road network to protect the people who live there.

Of course, motorcyclists are very welcome in Tyrol - the driving ban affects only 5.6% of the entire national road network and approx. 7% of the vehicles permitted. Here you will find all information about the restrictions and driving bans.