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Butterfly lights

, 21:30


Beauties of the night float through the air ... but who knows about the overwhelming variety of moths? Especially on Piller Moor we encounter countless species! We will attract the moths with so-called light traps. Butterfly experts explain the peculiarities of these “Animals of the night” before they disappear into the darkness again.

Meeting point:21:30 - Entrance to the Piller Moor car park
Duration:approx. 2 h - light walking, Tip: take a torch and some warm clothes
Price:€5 (Children €2.50 )
Booking:until 24.07.2019 -17:00 Tel. +43 (0) 5449 6304

Event location
Naturpark Kaunergrat
Gachenblick 100, 6521 Fliess
Kaunertal Tourismus
Feichten 134, 6524 Kaunertal

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